UCD MA Information 2010/2011

I will use this page to post information about the program.

Here is information and tips about the MA thesis. The thesis should be handed in to the office by August 27, 2011.

Here is a presentation on writing tips for an MA thesis.

Here is the basic information about the structure of the course.

Here is the timetable for Semester One. Note that there are two tabs, one for the first three weeks and one for Weeks 4 to 12. All classes will take place in G214, Newman Building.

Here is the revised timetable for Semester Two.


Research Skills Module

Schedule for Research Skills module

Guidelines for Seminar Write-Ups, due December 10.

Guidelines for Data Project, due November 12.

Slides from Lorraine Foster's Library Presentation, September 24.

Slides from Mark Tynan's Presentation on Source OECD, World Bank and Country Profiles, October 8

MA Thesis: First Steps, October 15.

Presentation on Macro and Development Data.

Links to Macro and Development Data Sources

Dave Madden's Presentation on Irish microdata

Paul Devereux's Presentation on international microdata

Presentation on World Bank Enterprise Surveys

Mark McGovern: Getting Started with Empirical Work

Sample LaTex Paper Format

Sample of a Beamer Presentation

Kevin Denny's talk on doing and presenting econometric work